Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The original version of this I found in the new Somerset magazine called "Apprentice". I altered it in that I did not put it on foamcore as my backing but used a canvas instead as I felt it would be a better quality and sturdier. I also wanted it to be a little softer in color so it is my own rendition. The father of this baby to be is a fisherman, so I used the spinner swivels on the bottom to hold the letters and some jump rings. Hopefully, the baby will not be playing with this so as to swallow it's parts. Also, instead of paper tags on the bottom with the B A B Y, I used tiles from an old scrabble game I found at the thrift store.

The original in the magazine was done by Lisa Martin-Bowman and she can be found at her blog at

It was much fun to make and I think maybe a girly one would be pretty in pink.

Also, the colors appear very subdued here but are somewhat brighter in realit

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here is a collage done not by me but by my Grandaughter Kyra. She decided to pay Grandma a visit and I guess you could say I pushed her into doing a project. I only suggested she pick out papers she loved and colors and put them anywhere on the canvas she wanted. This is what she created and for a 12 year old, I think she did a pretty good job. It is her first. Imagine where she could go from here.


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