Monday, November 30, 2009

It's holiday time and that means busy hands to make small tokens to add to gifts and other presents.

I made these tiles. They were made by cutting the images from Graphic 45 paper and gluing them to little wooden rectangles which were stained with Prismacolor solvent ink pens. I have had a set of wood grain ones that I have had for over 10 years and kept flat. I could not believe they are still good, but they are. Amazing. Once glued down I embellished them with some Sakura glitter pens (clear) and then put one or two coats of diamond glaze over it. I also put some german glass glitter on some of them for a snow effect. Although you might not see that in the photo, you can see it in person. I am pretty happy with them over all. They could become ornaments, although the Santa one is a pin.

Hope you are all playing with your art and enjoying the process as much as I am.

On to Christmas cards.

Roses in November in Upstate New York

I usually cut back all my plants before winter gets here, however this year I was so busy with life that I let the front garden go and this is what I got for being so negligent. I can't say that I have ever seen Roses in upstate New York this time of year. Usually they are done in late Sept. or early October. This picture was taken on Nov 29th, and I have more buds ready to bloom.

This is such a pretty site right now since if you live here you know that everything is now brown and drab. All the pretty leaves have fallen and we await the white snow to cover the ground.

Just thought I would share these with you in case you needed a pretty picture. Enjoy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I had a wonderful breakfast with a friend. I wanted to give her this sweater I knit for her soon to be grandaughter. I finished making it last week and was so excited to be able to give it to her.

I don't consider myself an expert or even a very experienced knitter, but I love to make baby sweaters. One year I made 6 sweaters to give to the grandkids for Christmas. They all wore them which really surprised me, but gave me the confidence to keep trying to get better.

My sister is trying to convince me that socks are a must but I cannot seem to get past the cuff. I really haven't tried. Another hurdle. It sits there ready to be tackled and I just keep looking at it and saying, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh not today. Maybe today for real? I have been told that once I get the nack of them I will forever love them. Meanwhile I keep wondering who I can give this ONE sock to when I get it done. I can't imagine doing another one to match no less doing another one.

Well that's it for now. For all those knitters out there, keep inspiring and I'll keep knitting.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is the time of year that I settle in and get ready for the cold and snow and gray weather, but reap the benefits of the season past.
Apples are the atc theme for Stampassion this month so I got busy and created these. They make me wish I had an apple pie on the counter, but that will come later towards the Thanksgiving holiday.
Wishing you all a happy fall day and the benefits of apples in your life.


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