Friday, May 28, 2010

Have been working in my garden and noticed how big my fresh herbs were.  I decided they needed to be shared so I cut, washed and wrapped them up and took them down to the river to give to the people who live on their boats and are traveling through the locks to wherever.  I know that they cook on their boats as there are few places for them to eat at and thought it would be a treat for them to have.

Have my grandaughter for the holiday weekend.  Will be playing a little golf for a change.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend with those you love.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Hat

My newest Knit item.  A little baby hat I fell in love with.  I saw it at our local yarn shop in Cohoes.  Beau Knits.  It has a little bolero sweater that goes with it, which I hope is my next project.  Since I didn't make it for anyone special I am thinking of putting it aside and packaging it to sell at some later date or show of some kind.  Perhaps if I get enough items I'll open an Etsy Shop for my goods. 

This is the only creative thing I've made lately.  Hope you are all enjoying this spring weather and fullfilling your creative desires.

Monday, May 10, 2010

This is a collaged piece I did back when I was in college for my Color Theory Class.  I have always loved it and thought it to be very soothing.  It is all about nature and the images within the piece  itself.  For instance, on the left it looks like a sillouette of a lady with a hat on.  She certainly might be there as an observer of the nature around her.  That came to be by accident as it was not planned.  I like  the way I positioned the butterfly at the opening of the shell and just overall I thought this was a fun and unique way to incorporate nature in an otherwise abstract picture.   I'm thinking of submitting it in with my other painting at 5 Rivers in June.  They are two very different types of art, but a nice contrast both depicting nature and how we choose to observe it.

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration of "Mother's Day" yesterday.  Mine was spent with my two daughters as we went out to a tea room and enjoyed each other's company.  No kids, no husbands, and we all agreed it was the best mother's day we have had in a long time and vowed to do it again next year.

Looking foward to viewing everyone's blog later today.  You all inspire me to do more and better play.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here is my painting to put at 5 Rivers Environmental Center.  I changed it a little from Vertical to Horizontal and obviously added the  mountains and lake and dock etc. 

My searching for a style of work keeps me trying different things.  From Collage, to watercolor to Acrylic.  I am not sure yet which medium I like best, but will dabble and hopefully find a style that incorporates some or all of those elements and be strickly mine.  A journey we all seem to be on.  This particular painting is acrylic with some mediums for texture on the tree.  The rest is pretty much just paint.  I still have some minor touch ups to make it better, but it is mostly done.  My own inner critic says it is amateur and it is but I like it anyways for the message it delivers.

Hope you are all enjoying your art journey.

Monday, May 3, 2010


The one thing that is constant is change.  This particular photo is my Spring version of this particular path.  I'm taking photos of this path during each of the seasons, of which I now have Winter and spring.  Spring has always been my favorite season because for me it symbolizes the beginning of new life.  As my friends all know, I am beginning a new life after the loss of my life partner, and it is the most difficult of paths, I think, because of my age.  This is the 5th time I have started my life over and so I should be used to change and beginnings, but they are never easy.  Always so much to consider.             

Today I just had to "change" my blog header because I couldn't get the old one back to where it once was and it was cut off in all the wrong places.  So, today after a big shower I decided to do my lilacs as they are in full bloom and adding wonderful fragrance to the front of my home.  I am hoping that my life will blossom as I travel an unknown path.  My instincts are telling me to just follow my muse and do what I love and it will take me to where I will be happiest.  And that is what I am doing, however cautiously, as I feel very fragile and don't want to incur any more emotional pain till I heal from my grief.

I am following many blogs out there and I want all of you to know that you bring life, energy and hope to me as I determine what to do next.  Thank you all for that.


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