Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has taken some effort on my part to give up all the obligations and work and just play in this journal that sits unattended for weeks at a time.  It felt good to go to our journal club and mingle with the ladies and one gent and work on it.  I did finish it at home which for me is something given the work I have to do here.

I find it difficult to do anything playful if I have a load of work sitting waiting for me.  I know that I am not alone, but feel that it's time I just "let it go" and play.  It is good for the soul I think as it certainly brings some joy into an otherwise ho hum day.  Thank you to my art friends who are always encouraging me to do more even though I always don't.  I am beginning to realize just how important they are to me even though I always felt they were special in so many ways.  I am truly grateful to them for so many reasons.

I hope this is the motivation to keep on going and play a little more. 

Hope you are all experiencing an artful day and thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've been busy in my apartment.  It's about time, as I've put it off during the holidays and beyond and I need to get it done so I can live here in the spring and enjoy the deck off the back of the house and my yard.

The top picture is of my living room.  I have finally started to tape the sheetrock and it is looking and coming out better than I expected. 

The second picture, also my living room shows the gas heater keeping it toasty warm to work in.  Behind that heater I plan to put in a small stone mosaic tile in a very light beige and white stone mix.  I will probably need to find someone else to install it as I cannot figure out the edges.  They are indented and extended and not a straight line.  It's on a mesh which would make it difficult if not impossible to cut with a tile saw.  Perhaps it has to be installed on the wall and then cut after, I don't know and I've set a lot of tile in the past. 

Next is my small bath.  The tub is from the original house and I saved it as it has no rust stains in it.  I had all new plumbing and faucets though and when it is done again I will show pics with my Kohler sink etc.  I haven't decided what tile to put on the floor yet, but that's a ways away anyway.

Then there is my bedroom in the dark red.  That's what it was, but I think I will change the color and go with something light airy and breezy with soft colors to soothe this overtired body of mine.  There is another full bath (shower, no tub)  off this room which I haven't  only dreamed of getting to.  It's not sheetrocked yet, just insulated.

So there is where my free time is going.  As for art, I have actually done a little at a journal club run by my friends Marilyn Rock and Melanie Phillips.  When I finish the spread I will post pictures of that too. 

It's good to be back at the blog.  I miss being involved in the art right now, but this house has to take precident as it is income property for me and I am struggling to keep afloat like everyone else in this economy. 

Wishing  you all artfilled days ahead.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

No pics this time.  Just to keep myself writing.  I just got back to working on my downstairs apartment.  Looks like my daughter may need it in a few months.  Hope she comes to help me get it ready.

Funny how life is.  I finally am feeling a need to date again.  I don't think I need a man in my life but would like to share some time with one.  Most friends, as great as they are, have partners and don't have the freedom to just go and do something.  I do have the freedom and I am spontaneous.  I will drop and go at the first sign of something interesting.   I signed up for one month on a date site and it is certainly an experience.  After the month is up I think I'll go volunteer somewhere.  I think my chances are better.

I did what they tell you not to do and that was I gave out my email address.  I figured "what harm"  Can't tell where I live from that.  But he was a hacker and got into my email address book and sent out a virus.  He dissappeared from the date site immediately and when I looked up his screen name it was gone too.  Then I looked up the name I got out of the screen name and the man wasn't even the same guy.  He was a professor at a college in Mass.  I'm sure he wasn't even aware this jerk was using his name.  Oh well, live and learn.  The virus is gone and I am the wiser.  the funny part, if there is one, is that the next guy I thought was really cute and I would like to chat with told me he wanted to communicate via email and I had to deny him.  He said he was only going to be on the site for 2 more days before his contract ran out.  Of course with all that cuteness he had a dog in his lap.  A Sheltie.  How could I not like him? LOL  Well, now I don't know if he was legit or not.  I do have his email but refuse to write him.  Dang.  What to do.  I think I'll just stop looking and let someone find me. 

I am going to focus on fixing up the downstairs and will post pictures of that.  I don't know how much art I will get done in the next few months but will definately stay in the groove watching your blogs etc.  I do so enjoy seeing what you are all doing.  You motivate me to be creative and I really appreciate all that.  Such talent among you all, it's hard not to keep watching.  I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I'll be watching.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

OMG, I have finally gotten into my blog again.  It has taken me months literally to figure this thing out.  Happy 2012. 

I hope I have not lost you all in this endeavor, but probably have.  Come back.  I've missed you.

For the holidays I was busy making a lot of my gifts.  I put aside work  on my house till now.  The new year.  I will post pics as I make progress so you can see my "design" details.  Hope you will let me know what you think and maybe even give me some suggestions.

Since I wasn't planning on posting, but can now I will put up some pictures of what I made for gifts.  It seems I really enjoy making felt.  So I made these little felted purses to match bracelets I made for friends and family.  For the guys I didn't make things but purchased them.  They are much to hard to decide for.

Here goes.  Hope to be back on a regular basis this year and will be going back to all your blogs and checking out your new projects as well. 

Happy New Year to you all.


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