Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally, I have broken through and came out smiling as I was inspired from a Somerset Studio piece on
waxed tissue paper article by Rachael Emilie Jackson.

I took two seperate  pieces of torn tissue paper and put a coating of beeswax on each of  them and peeled them from the teflon non stick sheet. With the wax side up I layered items I wanted in the collage and put the second sheet on top, wax side down (wax to wax) and then ironed them together sandwiching the items in the middle.  I put ribbon or string in to hang them   with as they are semi-transparent and are made to hang in a window or in front of light. 

In the first one I put a picture I tore the edges from.  It is definately not transparent but shows up just fine.
In the second one I put mostly  transparent or semi-transparent items.  The butterfly was stamped on Vellum, the lace at the bottom was sheer, the ribbon was sheer and the only solid pieces were the music and vine.  I also used a very pale aqual blue tissue paper.  I am now imagining all these different colors to use in the tissue paper, all the different items to imbed in them and am hopefully on a roll and back to creating again.

It's been a long dry spell but I think I am through the wall and on my way again. 

Hope you are all looking forward to the cold creative fall days ahead, and Thanks for visiting my blog again.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I finally finished this triangular shawl out of an acrylic yarn that looked like Mohair but was so soft and not itchy.  It turns out I was very dissappointed in the stiches as they appear very irregular and normally my knitting is just the opposite.  Very smooth.  I don't know if it was mistakes I was not aware of in working with it or if it was the fact that it was a commonly known brand yarn but found in the local dollar store.  I just loved the feel and color of periwinkle and thought I could make this as a Christmas gift for my wonderful neighbor who makes my coffee every morning.  It turns out it is not of a good enough quality in the stiches to be given as a gift so I will move on to another project.

I don't know if things like this happen to others who knit from time to time, but it is very  discouraging when so much time is spent on a piece.  I usually go to the more expensive yarn shops and have seen this yarn there.  I'm glad I did not pay the premium price as I would have gotten the same result had I bought it there.
But it is certainly pretty enough for me to wear when I catch a chill while watching tv.

Hope all your projects whether they be knitting or paper arts or whatever, turn out just the way you hope.


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