Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally I went to my studio to actually work on something. I have a few art projects I was meaning to get to. These were one of them. They are the ATC's for the Feb. swap at Stampassion. The last of the swaps since we are closing at the end of the month.
The theme was not Valentines but just plain "Red and White". I just love the crispness of anything red and white. They look so fresh and clean.
Slowly I am starting to have some what I call "normal" days where I miss Gary but can function just fine and actually feel good. Other days I struggle with every thought of him and cry it out. After that wash of sadness is gone I usually have a really good couple of days. And so I hope to focus more on art and less on how I'm feeling.
Without Stampassion to give me work I will be able to stay home and start painting. That is my real hope for now . Taking a few classes, maybe going on a retreat. (An art retreat sounds fantastic to me). I hope to learn more and do more and I think with that and the connection with my art friends that I will be able to create a new life with wonderful memories and much happiness.
Wish me luck.


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