Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday I was looking for something to paint and I came across this sketch I did of my daughter when she was 16. She's 38 now, but I remember so well this photo taken by a professional photographer. I was just practicing to see if I could draw her and I did. This was the result. I did this back in 1984. I'm glad I signed and dated it or I would not have believed I actually drew this. Where did my confidence go all these years.

When we doubt our ability to do something I guess it helps to go back and look at what we were really proud of in our past and realize that we are capable if we put forth the work and effort to at least try. I haven't drawn anything in quite some time but now am ready to "practice" and get back those skills I once possessed.

I started to paint this on a canvas and hopefully in a few days will be able to post.

Thanks to all my art friends who through their blogs encourage me to "try".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today I am seriously thinking about writing a book. The title is already in my head. The title shall be "What to do with Grandma when she loses her mind." I have to laugh at what I go through to just do this simple blog and the other stuff I forget to do.

Some of you are aware that I took care of Gary's father who had Alzheimer's. For five years this man was living with us and it was difficult but we had so many laughs at his antics. I will have to share them in my book. We was a very kind man and never got nasty, which made it much easier to cope with.

My grandmother who lived for 20 some years with Alzheimer's lived to be 94. I remember her little antics too, like every time our dog passed by her chair in the living room she would ask "Who's dog is that?" Although it was very sad to watch, but many of the times funny, it is the reality of the disease that if we don't laugh, we will go nuts trying to take care of them. I chose to laugh so I could stay sane, while at the same time, I always humored them as well.

So I often think perhaps I am on the same path as they were and what would I want the people who take care of me to do with me. Thus the idea of the book. I hope I follow through with this
as it really could be a funny book. That would be my intention. That my family could read this book and know the things I love and treat me with them. For instance, I absolutely love it when someone like my grandchildren brush my hair. It's like petting a dog I think. The feeling I get while they are doing it is just therapudic. I will make sure to list the important things. Really nice long hot showers, etc. (From my experience, Grampa Bill and Grandma Margaret didn't like water on them. ) In this instance my caretakers will have to consult the experts. But you get the jist of what I'm saying.

Anyone out there have any funny tales? I might include them in my book if I actually write it.
Let me know.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is a 4 X 4 for an exchange with the theme of our favorite toys we played with.

It's obvious I played with dolls and so I chose this image which comes from an antique book I own printed in 1891, so no copyrite issues. I changed the background nd I think it's adorable.

I hope whoever gets it feels the same.

It was a very productive day as I made 6 atc's and this piece. I still have more to do, so let's get on with it.

Another group of ATC's for the group.

The one on the left is myself, my grandma, and my sister.

The one on the right is my mother as a child and the one in the middle I have no idea who they are. Sisters?


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