Saturday, April 16, 2011

My trip was postponed due to an infection that came up very suddenly in my foot and I was unable to walk on it. This, in turn gave me the opportunity to finish this Nimbus Sweater I have been working on for quite some time. It is a present to my daughter for her upcoming birthday on the 20th. I am still leaving for the beach tomorrow but wanted to post this since it will be gone later today and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to post it. And so, now I can start a new project, a baby girl sweater in lavender. Can't wait to get started. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. If you click on the photo you can see the stitch details which do not quite show up in this photo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No picture, not many words. I've been working and not had much time for art. I've been filling in as a sub for Jacky who broke her foot in 3 places and now she is back. Tomorrow is the beginning of our weeks spring vacation and I am heading to a friends house in North Carolina and am planning on spending time on the beach with a sketchbook, some watercolor pencils and my imagination. When I get back I will not have to go to work unless someone else is out and I get a call to come in. I have some mental work to do. I am going to work on the reasons I am not comfortable in a room full of people. I never have been and I find myself shaking and quiet and I have to force myself to mingle. I usually just sit and listen to what everyone else is saying and unless someone asks me a question I don't say much. Alone I am confident, I like my own company and enjoy myself by myself. I am also good one on one with people, just not more than that. I like most people but I have to figure out why I am so uncomfortable and change that. This will be a good exercise for me. I always had Gary there to buffer the conversation. He didn't like crowds of people either so together we were good to go but usually didn't. Only exception of course is family. When I get back I hope I have a mild tan, a new perspective, a desire to take a class and time to work on some new projects. See you then.

Monday, April 4, 2011

This was a project I did as part of an artist group called "Inmyvintageroom" and yesterday we all met and displayed our mystery boxes. It was wonderful seeing what everyone did with their box. The results were amazing. I always find that getting together with these ladies is inspirational and makes me want to go right home and start something based on what someone else has done. Of course by the time I get home I'm too tired to start something but always think "Maybe tomorrow". Sometimes I do and sometimes I just wait until the time is right or the inspiration comes back to me. I definately enjoy the companionship of these women and always look forward to our times together. The objects I used in my box were mostly from collecting over several years. The floral background is because I love nature and my favorite times are those spent outdoors with nature. The other objects are all things I enjoy working with. The square with the window over it is actually an indication that I have always wanted to live an elegant lifestyle but it has always been beyond my ability to get there. This is ok as I am very comfortable where I am and it's far from elegant although I do have some very elegant objects in my home. Not many, but a few. The rest of the boxes are because I love sewing and the beach and the cross means I have faith and believe faith is the key to being happy in life. This was a fun project and I am thinking now of how I can do another box of a different theme in the future.


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