Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back when my Gary passed away, my friend Kerri Possen Stabile offered to help me get back into my art and I welcomed the gift she was offering but was not ready to embark on it then. Every time I saw her I was reminded that this offer still stood and when I finally felt like I wanted to abandon the sadness and tackle something new, we set a date to play together at her house. This is the result of my play time with Kerri. Those of you who know Kerri will recognize the resemblance as I basically copied her and yet our paintings are really very different. I used her colors that I would probably never have chosen and yet I love now that it's done. I know when she gets her camara fixed or a new one she will post hers as well. Of course mine is not as well done as hers, as she has the experience, but I am thrilled that we did this.

Most of all, I feel blessed, because she gave of herself and her time. Those are gifts that are treasured the most and will remain as fond memories forever. Thanks to Kerri and all my art friends for also giving me the courage to move forward and step into a future of uncertainty with courage.
You can see Kerri's Blog at:
This is a little 6 X 6 painting I completed today. It was part of a day of painting that Kerri Possen shared with me and it is one of two. This was actually the second one. I am posting the other one next so you can see them both. The other one is my favorite. The process was fun and really gave me some confidence I've been lacking.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yesterday I decided I needed to work on a project for an upcoming exhibit at 5 Rivers Environmental Park here in upstate New York. This is only the beginning of what I hope will be one of two paintings. I have yet to intigrate the elements and add more items and embellishments, but it is well on it's way. I am hoping it will tell a story of a young girl alone with Mother Nature and enjoying the surrounding gifts she has to offer. Since that is what the park is for, I hope that it will fit right in.

I will post it when completed and hope people will give me honest critisizem.
One of my girlfriends of about 35 years sent me this picture of a cowl neck warmer and said she loved it. And so, the right thing to do was to try to make it for her. Although I could not find a chunky yarn in the shown color, I decided to do a prototype to see how it would come out and actually look done up. I didn't think I would really like it, and I'm not sure I do yet, but it wasn't for me, so when we next visit I will give it to her and we will go shopping to see if we can find a yarn more to her liking or abandon the project altogether.

The only difference is actually the color of the yarn. It was made with three strands of chuncky yarn at one time which is why it is so bulky, but size wise it is correct. Since I love the way my girlfriend dresses, and she is a very talored and classy lady, I am anxious to see how she manipulates this to look good. The pattern came from an issue of Martha Stewart's magazine and included therein, but I do not know which publication or issue.

Very quick to make and actually fun, and I bought the yarn on sale so the needles, which were a size 19 were more expensive than the yarn. But, you know us crafters. When we need something to make something, we get it, don't we? Or am I the only one.

Happy knitting to those who do.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today was a milestone for me as I finished my first pair of booties, or baby socks. I never did socks before and I have been intimidated to do them. These were knitted on straight needles with a seam on the side. They were much easier than I anticipated and I really only did them because my sister gave me the pattern and the yarn. She has been trying to get me to do some socks for a long time. I have started before but never finished. Perhaps now I will do more but will not do these as I don't care for the seam on the in side of them.

It seems everyone I know who knits makes socks. Personally I would probably get one done and not want to do the other so I'd have to give it up.

Next I'm going to work on a project for a friend who requested a cowl neck warmer. It is done with three (3) strands of Chunky yarn. It will be very fast but very very chunky. It doesn't do anything for me but she loves the look of it in the picture so when I get it done I'll post it as well.

Happy knitting or painting or crafting to all my blogger friends.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone. Since I am alone I was invited to my daughter's for brunch and she has a friend coming who just had surgery yesterday, so I made these little "Easter gift boxes" that I filled with some peat pot discs and some packages of flower seeds. I saw these in a magazine called La Vie Claire which I just love but only comes out 4 times a year and then if I don't see it right away it sells out and I can't find. Anyway, I copied these. They are called BloemBox and were invented by Laura Quatrochi. I just loved them and decided to give it a go.
These are so versitile as you could put some sachet's inside or soaps and match the flowers on top with the scent inside. Imagine the different colors you could make these in and they are such a nice hostess gift and not expensive to make. Time consuming as I had to put on about 5 coats of paint before it covered. Even with Gesso as a base. Then I had to varnish them to give them a satin sheen.
After brunch with one daugher I will go to my other daughter's for dinner. There I also will give a couple of these away. I am delighted with these and can think of many occassions to use them. Perhaps they will inspire you as well.
Hope you all enjoy your holiday.


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