Saturday, March 26, 2016

Here it is, March and I have not posted.  It is very obvious to me that  blogging is not my thing.  I wish it were, but if it were I would be posting and I'm not.

I think I have a lot to offer to people when it comes to life's troubles as I've experienced just about all of them in my 68 years of life.  I believe I should share only if someone is in need and not push my opinions and beliefs on others.  I have learned many lessons.

In the last few years I have had so much to deal with that I have taken the time to mentally meditate and sort through the "stuff" that weighed me down.  Why am I not sociable?  Where has my sense of humor gone?  Why can't I find it?, Will I ever find an avenue of making some extra money to get me through the rest of my life?.  So many questions.  I have learned through meditation that the only thing I need to do at any given moment is address the current "now" situation I find myself in.  And I find that at just about every given moment I am happy.  I have shed the worry and of all my questions and given them up to faith.  Faith that some higher power will protect me, will provide what I need and see me through the ever changing world around me.  And it has worked.

I am finding myself coming out of my shell that I put myself in as members of my family and friends have passed on to another realm.  The hurts, the pains, the grieving was all too much and I silently and unconsciously or consciously tucked myself away.  The only people I was in touch with were my family and a few and I mean just a few close friends.  And they were scarce.  I seemed to ignore a lot of people because I could see turmoil in their lives and I had had enough of my own to want to be near or around or in theirs.  But, at the same time, I was an observer.

I watched how other people dealt with their issues, I watched as love seemed to carry them through, I watched as others were struggling with human stress or not.  I offered opinions when I thought I could help, realizing that they have to decide for themselves if the opinion is helpful, and not up to me.  I shed myself of everyone else's life and concentrated on my own.  It is good.  I am blessed by what I have and the family I have helped to raise.  They are all good people and contributing to make the world just a little better and a lot nicer.  I consider this my biggest accomplishment in life.

One area of my life that has made the biggest change is my line dancing.  Even though I have been line dancing nearly 4 or 5 years, (not counting) I barely know anyone there.  Sure I know their faces and a lot of names and see them every week, but have made little to no effort to really befriend them. This is now changing.  It is changing because I have spent the years watching their interaction, and their dancing, but mostly how they treat one another.  They are probably the nicest group of people I have ever encountered.  I see them hug each other each week as they greet one another.  I have never in the years heard an argument or seen a negative reaction to anything in the environment around them.  They are not just kind, but generous of spirit, always willing to help one another learn.  I am proud to be a part of this group.  I will stay with them as long as my legs will hold me up.

So this is my  current state of affairs.  I am happy, I am loved, I am full of hope that my life will continue to grow and provide me with what I need.

Tomorrow is Easter.  A new beginning for all of us.  I am wishing you all a Happy Easter spent with the ones you love.  Rejoice.  The world is anew.


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