Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here they are. The little baby Ugg boots I knitted. It turns out someone at work decided she wanted them so they are sold. I didn't even make them to sell. They were just too cute not to make them. The pattern shows them in colors too and they are adorable. So easy even a beginning knitter could do them. All one piece with a seam across bottom and up the back. That's it other than the shaping which are simple stiches.
The main yarn I used was Lamb's Pride Worsted, a combination of 85%Wool/ 15% Mohair. It is not an itchy wool at all. Very soft and nice to work with. The white on the edges I found at Hobby Lobby but have lost the label and cannot identify it. Just look for something that resembles the fleece in the real boots and use that. I had tried others but this seemed perfect.
Even the pattern does not tell you what to use, so improvise.
Thanks to a fellow blogger who reminded me that I should post these things. I sometimes forget.
On to my sweater. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and creating something you love.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Here are a couple of tangles I did in an attempt to occupy and distract a couple of my students on the bus.  They were so intrigued that I gave them some tiles and they proceeded to do their own.  I don't have theirs but they did very well.  One little girl is only 6 but her art was fantastic.  I wish I had hers to show you.  She put her own cultural touches on hers and it was almost obvious what country her heritage came from.  India.
Very beautiful.  So they are not really neat as the bus jumps around quite a bit.  I started them there and then finished them at home.  Just thought I'd share.

Those Ugg booties are coming.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Have a creative weekend.


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