Friday, July 31, 2009

Above is a postcard sent to me as a challenge to alter in some way. It took me several days of looking at it and no matter what direction I turned it i kept seeing a skirt. I didn't really think I could do anything with a skirt, however, I think it worked out fine since it really doesn't look anything like the original. I scanned it this way on purpose so you could actually see the original postcard in the background. At first I didn't like the postcard and actually went out to get another one, which I bought, but didn't use. In the end I have decided I like this one after all.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and I think this was one. Instead of working with all my paints and papers I have been drawn to some jewelry inspired by a blog site called: I know I am copying her work but it is not for me to sell. Just to see if I could make something as beautiful as she does. I just love her bracelets made from spoons etc. and the broken china just sings to me. I am looking further towards taking a Course in Jewelry Making as I have beads from 40 years of collecting and I seriously need to be using some of them. I do so find a passion in these things more so than the paper arts.
And so, this is my very first attempt and it's not perfect like hers, but I think with a little practice I can learn. My plans are not to leave this as is, but to enhance it by dangling some beads off the bottom. When completed I'll post another picture. Right now I just want to go shopping at some junk stores for some more broken china. Now I'm feeling some passion!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Since I have had some rather debilitating neck issues, I have not posted in quite some time.

Last week my grandaughter Nikki came to spend some time with grandma so I let her have her way in my art room and this is what she created. I thought for her first ever collage that she did quite well and I look forward to seeing much more of her work and see where she goes from here.
I love children's art. It is so uniquely different from adult art as it has a freedom that we as adults sometimes lose.
I told her I would put it up on my blog and she was fine with that. I told her she could see what people had to say about it, so if you don't mind, if you view her work, I hope that you will post
your thoughts for her to see.
Am hoping to get back to my own work soon. Have much to do and looking forward to some new ideas roaming in my head.


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