Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a little hard to see but this picture is the same or almost the same location as my header only after Irene. I took this just two days ago which is what a week and a half since the great storm?

I guess for some it was nothing but our little village has been sadly devastated. I know shortly it will be all cleaned up but the boat people cannot go through the lock system as there is one that is no longer working, Lock # 11 in the Mohawk to the West of us. Some of the people who were on their way to Canada are literally stuck between locks and cannot go anywhere. Possibly for the season as I have heard, but I'm somewhat certain they will find a solution to their dilema soon. The river is still very brown but the level is back down and still falling.

Now this little guy/girl I named Irene because she was found on the sidewalk up the street from me two days after the flood and encrusted in mud. Just a baby some have said they believe she/he must be only a few days or weeks old. I was trying to save her/him but it was too weak to even eat and was barely moving. He died the next day but I was so in love with this poor thing that I wanted to honor it's short life and journey through the storm. I have the shell and am planning on using it in one of my pieces of art or jewelry. I know, it sounds sick, and maybe it is sick but I couldn't see just throwing it away in the trash and believe me I wasn't going to bury it in the mud.

Call me crazy, sick or whatever, but it's name is Irene and her shell is precious to me. I will honor this little life in some form or fashion and imortalize it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

These photos are the result of the Tropical Storm Irene in upstate New York. The last one is the Cohoes Falls in Cohoes, N.Y. and this shows the mud associated with the raging waters that were about a mile from my home in Waterford, N.Y.

I live a block from where the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers merge together and where the Historic Erie Canal begins it's series of locks traveling throughout New York State along the Mohawk River. When the rains from Irene came they filled up all the creeks and rivers that run into the Mohawk and Hudson and when they met had nowhere to go but up. As a result I ended up with two feet of water inside the first floor apartment. My tenant lost about half of her possessions and had to move out, and I am faced with a total remake of my bottom floor apartment.

People do not understand why I did not have flood insurance and the answer to that is because I live in a "flood zone" the price is cost prohibitive, unless you are wealthy which I am not. Simply put, I cannot afford it. FEMA has taken my application, is sending an inspector and has told me that I do qualify for their assistance. so I will wait to see what develops there.

The reason I live in a flood zone is quite simple. Gary and I always wanted to have a place on the water. (Not literally like now, but at least close to water) The house was within our price range and I loved it.

I also have to mention that besides FEMA, the Red Cross has been a staple in our neighborhood, arriving every morning with cleaning supplies like mops, brooms, shovels, rakes, tarps, buckets,

bleach, gloves, masks. And, also lunch and dinner, served hot with Vitamin water and regular water, and snacks. I am so grateful and impressed with their response. There are several of my neighbors who are completely misplaced and out of a place to stay. Some, like myself are staying with family.

I have two daughters who have been putting me up and also working tirelessly to help me clean out what is left. so that I can rebuild. My neighbors who are also working can't believe how much they can do and how strong they are. I'm talking men who are making comments to me of their strength and ability. I am so proud. They also have friends who have volunteered and come down to help out. Also bringing food and supplies and working sooooo hard for hours.

How do you say "Thank you" at such a time so that they know how much their efforts mean to you. I don't feel that I can ever tell them enough. I am so grateful and will "pay it forward".

Thanks too for all the loving messages on Facebook to keep the spirits high.

Hope to be back in the crafting sometime down the road. Just don't know when. If I get response here and anyone is interested in updates, I'll let you know how our community is fairing.


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