Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here is a Zentangle I did because, really, when I painted that ceiling blue in the post previous, I strained my  neck muscles and cannot lift my head for very long periods of time so am confined to the sofa where I can rest it.  So I decided, since I have to be doing something to just doodle.  Nothing in mind, just playing.  I think it resembles a human heart and quite like it actually.

Hope you do too.  Thanks for stopping by.
A little different post as I am beginning to make decisions regarding the rooms that are being done over in my house. 

I have picked out this wallpaper to use on one wall of my bedroom.  The other walls will be painted that shade of pink that is in the swatch in the middle.  Or something lighter than that even.  The wallpaper is a definate though.

I also recently painted the ceiling in my living room a sky blue so that I would feel like I always had blue skiies and sunshine in my home.  I love it.  Pictures when the room is finished.

So for the next several weeks I will be posting of my reno.  Thanks for stopping by.


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