Monday, December 31, 2012


Life has been a struggle but I am on top at the moment and hope that this new year ahead will be more productive than ever before and I will either quit the blog or be a better blogger and be more consistent with posts and content. 

The house is not done.  Christmas projects were being made instead of bought and time was at a premium as you all know!!  It's pretty much the same for everyone who celebrates the holidays.  But for some reason, others seem to make their blog a priority.  My priority was in maintaining my health and make the holidays special for those around me whom I love and who love me.

I will be starting off this new year with notice that as usual I will not be posting  right away.  There is an upcoming major surgery to reverse a colonoscopy, remove an ovary and fix a hurnia on the 9th of January.  After 6 to 8 weeks of recovery my hope is to resume my life in a much healthier state of being and be done with the medical issues that have plagued me this past year. 

With that, I hope to open an Etsy shop, sell some antiques on EBay, finish up my renovation in my apartment and keep up with this Blog.  Since they seem to be resolutions and we all know about "them", I have chosen a word (inspired by my friend Kerri Stabile) for the year to motivate my actions.  The word is "Intention"  and I intend to keep true to it. 

If I have lost you as a follower I totally understand.  I have not stopped following my blogger friends but do not always post.  I love what you all are doing, and I'm falling short, but given my situation I have also forgiven myself.  And so life is and I look forward to the new year with new health and creativity.  I wish you all the same.


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