Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Usually in the summer months I don't knit.  I am  not sure why I have been knitting a lot lately.  I seem to love to knit for babies most of all.  When I started this I didn't even have anyone's baby in mind, but loved the little bolero look to it and the color.  The actual color is a little brighter, more like a Spring Green but is called Fern Green.  

Now to find another project which I already have in mind.  It seems strange to me that I would want to knit now.  Maybe because I can sit and do it watching tv at night or it might be because my sister is always knitting up a storm and she donates just about everything she makes to local charities for their auctions.
I have always just given my things as gifts but I like the idea of doing it for charity so if I make something without anyone in mind I guess I can always do that.  On the other hand, if anyone sees something they might like to buy, I am up for that as well.  Let me know.  This sweater I think is already sold.  If the little princess is not too big already.  Given how long it has taken me to finish, maybe it won't fit, but we will see.

Well, on to something else.  I seem to be wanting to do a canvas piece, so let's see what comes up next.
I see on everyone else's blogs that we are all busy creating and there is some wonderful pieces out there.
I love seeing what you are all up to and you inspire me to keep creating.  Thanks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A good friend of mine sent me a video of a group of spontaneous painters in a room with a guide.  This video was very inspiring and I decided to take the time to just try it.  I laid out all my color acrylic paints.  Liquid in bottle with a large piece of paper from a large sketch pad and my grandaughter Kyra did the same.  She was at one end of the table and I at the other.  We did this together and really had a fun time with it.  She is 13 but loves to come to my house and do "art".

This  painting was what happened because I did not think about what to put on the paper or where the painting was going but just putting paint in whatever color  my gut told me and wherever.   Trying not to control the outcome at all.  And here it is.  I can tell that my grandaughter's painting took thought as she stragetically put items in the painting and was trying to make a statement.   

And so, now that I look back at it I get the feeling that it is a rebirth or life growing and getting ready to bloom, but not quite there yet.  I hope that is the case, as I am looking for something really cool to come into my life to fill this void.  And so, would you bloggers please give me your impression of what this painting says to you?  I can take criticism and welcome it.

Hope you all are enjoying our summer season and being creative either outside your homes or inside your studios.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

Last week I took a class in needle felting and we made these cute Teddy bears.  It took about 2 hours and was so much fun.  One of the ladies actually had done some before and made a version of her cat she had lost.  It was the cutest thing.  Grey and white with stipes and sitting up.  Looked just like her cat she said.   I was so impressed by what the other ladies did with their bears.  Some put paws, a different color, the noses and eyes were all different.   One lady put a belly with a belly button on it.  So different, not one look alike to someone elses.  From here we can make whatever we want if you can form the shapes.  One friend of mine who was in the class also put her teddy bear on a grassy mound with flowers in the grass around him. 

I decided that mine was going on a picnic and so I put the bee (can't think of what you call this thing) but I'm sure someone will remind me, so he would have honey for his tea.

Other than this I have been much of a slug lately and taking time to dream about what I want and where I'm going.  Hope you all are enjoying your crafts and life in general.  Happy creating.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Architechtural molds

The weekend was spent working in my yard and garden and come Monday I was pretty tired and not wanting to expend any  more physical energy on housework, so I took myself out to an Estate Auction in Cropsyville.  I had never been to this particular auction house and was surprised by how small and quaint it was.  But it turned out in my favor as the prices were extremely cheap.  Some items like a country painted table they couldn't even sell and put it  aside for some other sale.  Not even $2.00.  Of course I wanted it as a work table but have NO room right now for such things.  But I did decide I had to have these Architectural molds?  I believe that's what they are.  I haven't figured out just yet how I am going to use them but they certainly offer many possibilities. 

Should any of my blog buddies or local artist friends want to use them I will certainly let you borrow  and maybe even give me some inspiration.  Believe me the first box I bid on I got for a measly $5.00 which I thought was a dream.  The second and third I had a bidder against me (or a house shill) and had to pay a little more for, but really, they will be useful for years to come I hope. 

So now my job is to straighten out my house so that I will be inspired to move into my craft room that I have not worked in in over a month and start creating again.

Have been checking others blogs and you all are so talented and fun to look at.  I love what you all do
and it will motivate me to do more as time goes on.

  I seem to be getting used to Gary not being here although I miss him so much.  I know he would be happy with the progress I am making at rebuilding my life and home to suit my needs.  I am so grateful to my friends who are behind me in this new life. I hope that you find some time to find some treasures to play with.


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