Friday, October 17, 2008

My halloween surprise

I created these little fat book pages for an upcomming exchange and meeting of our club. I'm not usually a halloween fan, but have taken a liking to bats, of all creatures, and thought it would be fun to find ways to feature them in my work. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed the theme of halloween and also made several artist trading cards. This is my halloween surprise!!


  1. Hey, I know that your art keeps u busy, but do u think that u could cook dinner once this week?

  2. I like bats myself. Very cool stuff. I think I like dinner more though...

  3. Oh; Peggy!!!!!!! Congratulations on your Blog!!! I love it. I love the name; it's inviting and meaningful. I love seeing your art here with your 4 x 4 pages! I'm thrilled and I will link your Blog on mine (I'm hoping that's okay!) Beautiful! Kudos to you my friend! Love you - Marilyn



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