Friday, November 7, 2008

Am thinking about gifts and decided to make this byzantine bracelet for someone. Just in case she should see this blog I won't name names. Anyhow, I had almost forgotten how to make it, but it turned out to be like anything else you leave for awhile. It comes back.

Sometimes we don't know the effect someone elses kindness has on us till a later date. I recently had a friend offer to teach me a technique at her home and we had a leisurely dinner and got to work. I have been playing with the technique ever since and today I did something quite unique. I hope to post a picture when I am done, but I realized how important we sometimes are to someone else when we least expect it. Thank you for time spent with me. You will never know the magnitude of that gesture.

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  1. Peggy! This bracelet is beautiful! I love how everything connects; it's completeness! A true gift, from the heart, for your special friend! I'm so glad you shared!



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