Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Portrait of a friend

Here is my friend Odie. He is not my dog but my neighbors.
Every morning I go to my neighbors when I get out of bed, in my pajamas and robe and slippers to have my morning coffee. Gary is already off to work, you see, so it's ok.
Odie is a Maltese and as soon as I sit down, he begs to come up on my lap, where he proceeds to take a nap while I drink my two cups of coffee. As soon as I put my spoon in the cup indicating that I am done, he, without hesitation, knows it's time for me to go and jumps down. Just like clockwork.
I've never painted a dog before, but am pretty pleased with this one. It actually looks like Odie even though I probably could shade him in a little more. I painted him fresh from the bath, so he is really white.
Next week he is going to have some surgery to remove a lump from his chest. He suffers with seizures from time to time and he is about 7 human years old, so it is risky, but necessary.
Hope you enjoy my painting, and get inspired to do a piece of art today.


  1. You are really flying Peggy! Beautiful painting of Odie! I love it! What a sweet dog and your coffee time with your neighbor and Odie; just priceless! The way you painted him, I want to reach out and pet him here. Really awesome!

  2. I would like to hang this one in my kitchen. Odie's face shows so much character in this painting.

  3. It's all in the eyes with a dog, Peggy, and you've totally captured that. Wonderful portrait!!!!



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