Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today was a working day in my studio. There are so many swaps in our groups to sign up for and even though I don't have to do them, I want to as I really like the themes. The three pictures I posted here were for our Stampassion Swap for March with the theme "Lace". I used a lace paper I purchased in S. Carolina on top of different background papers and then added my embellishments.

In some respects I wish I didn't want to do so many, cause in the back of my mind I am wanting to challenge myself and do many more paintings on canvas. Perhaps I will do some mini paintings on canvas atc's.

I am seeing many new and wonderful art pieces on the blogs I follow. Definately inspiring. Maybe I will eventually give up these exchanges for something bigger and grander. I find these little pieces of art to be a good practice ground for learning how materials work with one another, and which work best in given circumstances. This practice is my "schooling", so I can become a better artist.

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  1. Peggy; all of your swap pieces here are gorgeous and they certainly are mini canvases. Your touches, composition, color choices all reflect your creativity and talent that will allow you to do anything you want. I believe in you and your art! Love ya - Marilyn



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