Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday I was looking for something to paint and I came across this sketch I did of my daughter when she was 16. She's 38 now, but I remember so well this photo taken by a professional photographer. I was just practicing to see if I could draw her and I did. This was the result. I did this back in 1984. I'm glad I signed and dated it or I would not have believed I actually drew this. Where did my confidence go all these years.

When we doubt our ability to do something I guess it helps to go back and look at what we were really proud of in our past and realize that we are capable if we put forth the work and effort to at least try. I haven't drawn anything in quite some time but now am ready to "practice" and get back those skills I once possessed.

I started to paint this on a canvas and hopefully in a few days will be able to post.

Thanks to all my art friends who through their blogs encourage me to "try".


  1. Peggy. There's never been a doubt, in my mind, how capable you are as an artist. You have that inner feel and talent that I can clearly see and did right from the start! This is a beautiful sketch of your daughter - really lovely and I can't wait to see it as a painting! WOW! xxoo

  2. I find portraiture difficult - this is a beautiful sketch, Peggy. Silence that inner critic and do more, please!!



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