Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Since I have had some rather debilitating neck issues, I have not posted in quite some time.

Last week my grandaughter Nikki came to spend some time with grandma so I let her have her way in my art room and this is what she created. I thought for her first ever collage that she did quite well and I look forward to seeing much more of her work and see where she goes from here.
I love children's art. It is so uniquely different from adult art as it has a freedom that we as adults sometimes lose.
I told her I would put it up on my blog and she was fine with that. I told her she could see what people had to say about it, so if you don't mind, if you view her work, I hope that you will post
your thoughts for her to see.
Am hoping to get back to my own work soon. Have much to do and looking forward to some new ideas roaming in my head.


  1. Nikki, this is a great piece! Keep up the good work.

  2. WOWSA! Nikki! We have a brand-new collage artist in our midst! Beautiful piece - it surely doesn't look like your first. I love it! Thanks for sharing Peggy! xxoo

  3. This is beautiful! The moment I clicked on your blog, I thought you made it Peggy! Nikki, you are so talented! Keep creating! Art is great for the soul!



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