Monday, August 31, 2009

Today was a spontaneous day of fun with one of my grandaughters, Allysa. It is known among my family that I spend more time with her sister, but today I decided I needed to pay Allysa a little attention. Allysa loves photography, so she said she would love to go with me, with camera in hand, to take some pictures wherever we happened to land. We went to several places, one of them being a nature park where we found this beautiful flower. I don't know what name it has, but I would like to have it in my own garden.

It was a wonderful day discovering how to use the camera, setting up a tripod my Gary gave me a few days ago, and just having a little girl time playing. The weather was just perfect, some sun, some clouds, about 68 degrees.

She took over a hundred pictures, many of them flowers, but mostly of some airplanes landing and taking off at the airport, They are not the best, but they are memories of a wonderful day shared by Grandma and grandaughter, and great practice for an upcoming photographer.


  1. peggy those are some great pictures. Grandma and granddaughter time is something that she will treasure. Thank you for you kind words about my scrapbooking I used to work at Memory Lane in Clifton Park where I got to really work on it. Now I'm being a little more creative in using my supplies change the colors of papers. Basically I'm trying to use the techinques I'm using with my atcs on my scrapbook pages. Its a lot of fun and really I think its practice. I find that if I don't scrapbook for awhile the first layout back isn't my greatest.

  2. Love your pictures. I've missed your blog; I figured out a way to visit blogs on Ted's little netbook. I still don't have my computer back; bummer! But at least I can visit. Love Marshmallow, too! Fantastic! I want to reach out and hug him!



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