Monday, November 30, 2009

Roses in November in Upstate New York

I usually cut back all my plants before winter gets here, however this year I was so busy with life that I let the front garden go and this is what I got for being so negligent. I can't say that I have ever seen Roses in upstate New York this time of year. Usually they are done in late Sept. or early October. This picture was taken on Nov 29th, and I have more buds ready to bloom.

This is such a pretty site right now since if you live here you know that everything is now brown and drab. All the pretty leaves have fallen and we await the white snow to cover the ground.

Just thought I would share these with you in case you needed a pretty picture. Enjoy


  1. wow that is awesome...I would definitely love to see more flowers and less gray slushy snow that is surely to come! thanks for sharing that last bit of color with me!

  2. Incredible Peggy! First - I love your little tiles! They are amazing with detail each and every one! The roses are beautiful to see this time of year! xxoo



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