Friday, March 26, 2010

A request was made on a blog I follow to send postcards to a 10 year old girl named Satori.

To see her story go to Art of Wyanne
the karma weekly giveaway #6.....and a little favor... and see if you would like to add to this favor. It was fun. This is the postcard I made for Satori and I hope she enjoys it while recovering from her surgery.
It really motivated me thinking maybe I could brighten up someone elses's day as I know how those down days feel. I've had enough of them lately, so this lifted my spirits as I hope it lifts hers. Of course mine will only be one of probably hundreds or maybe even thousands, but it's still pertinent.
Hope to see more requests.


  1. are so amazing Peggy. I love your heart!

  2. Your postcards are beautiful and you stirred up some great positive energy. Thank you for participating. And guess won my weekly Karma giveaway for the giclee print of the Little Mermaid! Just need to know where to send it to... :)



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