Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somewhere in my upbringing I was taught that it is necessary to get your work done before you are allowed to play. That "learning" has been my excuse for a long time as to why I don't do art.

Since I do not currently have a job and live on a social security check, I have nothing but time to play and yet do not allow myself as I have so much "work" to do in my home.

It is time to change old habits and "get-er done" as Larry the Cable Guy would say. So today I took the plunge and neglected work (not all of it mind you) and played in my art room on this Fabriano Watercolor Art Journal I am working on. It is part of a class I am taking from Marilyn Rock and Kerri Possen. I decided to do a little on my own as I had these elements I liked together. I thought I might get a head start so that in class I might get time to do the embellishing. I'm a little slow sometimes and everyone else will be done and I'm still puttsing along.

I'm not completely done but made a breakthrough in my habits and hopefully will continue to stop finding "work" excuses and "finding play time".

I was totally inspired to do this today by DJ Pettitt and her post on a suggestion she gave a beginner. I don't know if it helped the beginner, but it sure helped me and I thanked her for it.
You can find her blog at: http://djpettitt.blogspot.com/2010/02/new-blog-on-typepad.html

Thanks too for all you bloggers who inspire me with your work and come to visit mine.


  1. I feel like I constantly have things I "should" be doing instead of things I "want" to do (aka art!) and if I let that stop me then I would never have a chance to relax and find joy in creating and sharing with you all. Never make excuses for taking the time to stop and do something you love! You deserve to play!!!

  2. Hi Peggy, thanks for dropping by my blog. I was so saddened to read in your earlier post of your recent loss (I'm sending you a big, but gently hug.
    I'm glad you are finding time for your art...this piece is beautiful and I love your use of the butterfly in your artwork (transition).
    Take care and I'll pop by again soon.

    Jacky xox

  3. Well; the dust bunnies in my house sure are tell-tale signs of what I prioritize :)

    So good to see you worked on some art Peggy! Beautiful and I get to see what you've done to your journal in person tomorrow! :)

    I finally got my computer back, today, from the shop so I'm trying to catch up on blogs.

    I've been babysitting all week; Sweet Sophia got a nasty tummy bug so I have been with her all week much to my joy! That smile on that baby is a healer!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Love ya my Wiawaka friend :) xxoo

  4. Such soft colors, looks as though Spring has arrived. Ü
    Happy week-end.

  5. I've been fighting this habit my entire adult life too!! But there will always be more chores so art must added to the to do list along with laundry and cleaning etc. etc. I loved your journal cover the moment I saw it.



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