Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is my finished product and I am quite happy with it.  The Zentangle is copied on a transparency and layered over a base butterfly I watercolored with yellow h2o paints and then I layered a smaller transparent butterfly on top of that. 
If you are interested in knowing about The Butterfly Effect, visit and  you can decide if it is something you might like to do. 

Now, on to my Christmas cards that I hope has got a zentangle in it as well.  I already have planned the layout and need to get busy.  Just wanted to share this butterfly effect with you as I think it is a very meaningful project and fun to do.

May your days be bright and your tummies full this Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. Stunning Peggy.... loooove those zentangles.

    You butterfly looks amazing and I love the colour.

    I have put my name down to make a butterfly for this cause also. Better get into it next weekend. I agree, what a fantastic cause.

    Jacky xox

  2. Peggy; your butterfly is awesome! I really love it and it will be a welcomed addition for the Butterfly Effect. Kudos to YOU!

    Loving your Zentangles, below, and I cannot be happier, for you, that you are inspired to return to your art room! You are so strong and I am in awe of your spirit!!!!!

    Love you - Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for our friendship! xxoo

  3. Amazing work Margaret!!! I am so happy it arrived safely. It is officially the first zentangle butterfly to be added to our growing collection. What a beautiful labor of love!
    Thanks again!



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