Friday, February 25, 2011

Auction finds

I believe I mentioned I like auctions and we now have one every Saturday night in my small village and it is a place for me to go by myself (or with a friend) and enjoy other people and their "interests".  It also educates me on the value of things which I find facsinating.  What you think nobody would pay for sometimes goes for more than what I think is the nicest.  An education in human behaviour.

Above are pictures of some of the hankies I got in a box for $15.  I thought there were maybe 20 in the box but when I got home and seperated them and was looking at them it seemed there was no end.  So I counted them and there were 73 in this box.  Some have small holes, some stains, but most of them are actually in very nice shape.  I felt like I got a steal.   These photos are just a sampling of the many.  Now, to find a way to either give them to someone who will use them or sell them in some venue and I know I want to use some of them in some art of some kind.  Perhaps I'll make some little hearts?  Small pillows?  Sachets? 

We were snowed in today so I had plenty of time to iron some of these.  Ironing 72 is a daunting task and I found after about 20 that it was enough already. 

Hope you are all going to have a wonderful weekend full of things you love.


  1. Wonderful treasures, Peggy. I loved seeing what you got, thx for sharing. The silverware serving pieces are exceptional. And the butter knives! I am so sure my mom had the same knives, same pattern.
    Do the place settings have a brand name on the back? Maybe the company might have a website or check Replacements? They usualy have good pix, tho they may not list plated silver, just sterling?

    Have a warm weekend!



    PS Great idea about buying and using everyday too---now I can buy the the silver[plate] I love when I see it at the flea mkt.

  2. really got some great bargains.....I can't believe you were able to get all of that silverplate for $5.00 and the box of hankies...all I can say is you did great.....It just goes to show you that treasures are not measured by the amount of money you spend.....Just think of all the hands and lives that have been touched by these pieces...Priceless...I can't wait to see how you use some of these hankies....

    Have a great weekend creating as it sounds like you are snowed in for awhile.....

  3. Peggy; how beautiful the silver is! I had to give my set up in my divorce! It belonged to my ex-mother-in-law and I had to give it back when my first husband and I broke up. I did not miss the polishing or my ex-mother-in-law-lol! I love the intricate details on those hankies! So beautiful. Looks like you had fun at the auction; I'd love to go with you sometime!

    We've been snowed in today; just got plowed out a little while ago. What a winter! Will talk soon.............Love ya - Marilyn



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