Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello fellow bloggers.  Today I finished this hat that a friend asked me to make for her.  Well, not for her but for a baby of a friend of hers.  It was a delight to make, very fast and easy.  The yarn I used was called Amerino, a combination of Cotton and Acrylic.  The color does not show exact but is a neutral beige in color with some specks of pure white.  I'm not sure you can see that, but it's there.

Plain I felt I needed to add something.  Originally I knit it with the fun fur fringe in the brim, but it turned out with most of the fur appearing on the inside of the brim and I didn't like it so had to tear it all out.  Instead I knitted a flower and added a vintage pearl button to secure it and make the flower more noticeable.
I tried several color flowers but none of them seemed to do the hat justice.  I went with the same yarn used in the body of the hat.

Now, to see if I can make some little shoes as an ensemble.  I never did them so don't know how long it will take me to find the pattern and actually get them done.  Best be getting busy.

I am enjoying viewing what you are all up to so don't stop. 


  1. Peggy, this hat is adorable and I love the flower with the button...Just the right touch.....It is just so precious.........

    I haven't ever knitted any baby shoes either so let me know how it goes.....

  2. Peggy!!!! This hat is precious and I am SO happy you went with the natural color and the flower/button is the perfect touch! I adore it! I love the shape of the hat - it's just amazing and I thank you! I can't wait to see the little shoes! They will be awesome! Love you - Marilyn xxoo

  3. Adorable hat, Peggy! The flower is the perfect finish. I love that the hat has a brim for the baby. And shoes too! So cute.



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