Thursday, May 5, 2011

Following are pictures of a brass ornate sconce I bought at an auction last weekend right here in my village. For some reason I could not resist, I think because it has birds in it. Now I have a delema as to where to hang it and what to do with it as it is a little more "formal" than my living environment. I really love shabby chic and am thinking maybe I should paint it "white" (distressed) but I'm not committed to that plan.

I have decided to ask for assistance from fellow bloggers. I would love to read what you would do with this piece if you had it. Would you leave it alone or paint it or perhaps paint it in "real colors". Like the leaves green, the flowers in color, the stems in brown etc. Please help. I do love this piece but don't have the "perfect place" to put it. Something needs to be done.

I am anxiously awaiting your replys.



  1. What a great piece! I love the birds and naturalistic look. Is it for candles?

    I'd def paint it in distressed white or offwhite(I guess flat white then some antiqued stain to bring the white down?)

    I'd use chunky votive candles, white/ vanilla scent...maybe in my bedroom, tho if I had a big bathroom, I might use it there.

    The orig metal, brass, is nice too, if you decide to keep it as is....

    Can't wait to see what you decide. Neat find!



  2. Oh Peggy! This is just gorgeous! I like the idea of some white distressing just to set things off. Then I see a little turquoise going in there very randomly. Can you bring it tomorrow so I can see it? :) xxoo

  3. I would paint it white or offwhite and also distress it. It is beautiful and I know with your abilities, you will do exactly the right thing with it. Have fun while doing whatever you decide. Please post a picture on your blog when it is done. Hope all is well with you. Think of you often.

  4. I like the off- white distressed idea too. I'm so jealous of your find! I know you will do magic with it.

  5. Wow this is just fabulous and yes I love the birds. Shabby creamy dreamy white is my choice but will it hang on a white wall? If you leave it gold how about some verdi gris to enhance it? What ever you decide to do it will be stunning and quite the find. Happy creating...



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