Monday, May 23, 2011

Second Wet Felted Purse

Just finished a project I started with my grand daughter. She wanted to make one of these purses. I wish I had a picture of hers'. It was quite pretty but she left and took it with her before I realized I didn't have a picture.

So this is mine and I enjoyed doing it as much as the first one. I did something different though.

I used a solid navy blue piece of felt from the craft store as a base and added my piece of hand felted on top and felted them together giving it more body. It worked really well, but I think almost too thick. Not quite, and definately much sturdier.

The felting material can be bought at yarn shops but should be 100% wool, as this felting must have had some synthetic material with it as it did not felt easily. Kept seperating hence the reason I felted it to a solid piece. Just things to consider in the event you want to try to do one on your own. I may add some beading to it, but for now it pleases me just fine.

Have been witnessing some pretty neat art on all your blogs. Thank you for always inspiring me to do more.


  1. Very pretty! And what a fun creative project for you and your granddaughter! Hope you both had fun....



  2. Love the colors Peggy! Very lush!

    No "spontaneous" time, here, yet - I'm getting there though. xxoo



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