Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well here it is 3 days later and I had to stop.  In order for me to insert the new pieces I have to tear out the rest of the floor as they snap in together and there is no way to "squeeze" a piece in.  Now my back has decided to act up from the work and I have decided since I have to move a lot of tools and work related items from the room itself that I will hire a friend to help  me finish this job.  I'm finding this work is very enjoyable for me, but my body says no, I can't do it anymore.  Sad. :-( 

So, concentrating on other things.  Started a pair of baby socks but got stuck at the heel and can't finish without my sister's help.  Have to wait for her to return home. 

  I'm trying very hard to live a positive life but the people in it are bringing me down and I can't let them.  Time to say goodbye to them. 

I have edited this post as it was very negative.  I was going through a spell where everything and some people in my life were giving me issues.  I decided to delete and keep with the program here.

The floor is definately trouble for me.  The first section went in very easy but I have to go around a cabinet and into another space and things are not lining up and locking into each other the way they are supposed to.  I've had to stop or get very frustrated in the process and leave it alone till I can deal with it.  I tried again today and made a little progress but not enough to say I've got it all straightened out yet.  Giving it a few more days or me a few more days to work it out in my head before getting back to it. 

I spent a wonderful day with art friends and then a wonderful day at my brother's camp for some R & R.  Hope this will help me on my next challenging day with the floor. 

Hoping your week is going the way you all plan and you have "none of this".

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