Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 is a new year and so I hope to come back to blogging.  So many things in life seem to get in the way and it takes so much time to work them out in my mind that I put off things that are always plaguing me to do.  Like art, and figuring out how to get my pictures from my Samsung into my Mac computer.  They do not sync automatically, and I need to figure things like this out so I can continue this blog.  It is a priority on my list of things to do this year.

Also, I hope to open and sell some items on EBay.  I have an account but have no clue how to upload and put items for sale.

Hopefully, this year is going to bring me a business in selling the furniture I have been refreshing.  I have several pieces here at the house to do and am running out of room.  I can't post pictures yet as like I said I have been unable to figure out how to get them here but soon.  Hopefully this week and maybe even tomorrow.

Since I was up all last night except for one hour,  and it is late right now, I will cut this short and get some much needed sleep so I can "get things done" in the morning.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to actually read this.  I've been away a long time but I feel I have a lot to offer coming up.


  1. I always read your blog, my friend! A busniness w your wonderful redos would be great.

    Ebay is simple, it will walk you thru each step, but you do need at least one photo.

    Photo probably need a simple photo shop program on your Mac.I use Corel Paint shop, you don t need a big bucks Adobe thing. Then just use a USB cord to connect the phone to the Mac and do the upload. You can also email pix from your phone to yourself then save them on the Mac's photo cloud. Maybe a visit to
    the Apple store? They re very helpful. Make an appt, if possible.

    You can also google something like''photo upload from [phone's model #] to Mac." And maybe next phone needs to be an iphone? :-)

    It s important to just TRY things! I always tell myself, ''if millions of other dummies can do this, I can too.''



    ps email me if I can be helpful, I m usually around late evenings.

  2. Thanks Lizzy. I have tried the usb thing with the phone to the Mac but it didn't work. Not sure why. I will check into the other suggestions you made. Eventually I'll get there. I usually do play around in attempts to get it but I get frustrated after a half hour or so and quit for a while. Soon, I will get it.



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