Sunday, January 1, 2017

My absence from the blog has been one of uncertainty.  In the past year so many different ideas have flooded my mind but I am hoping that this new year will bring me back again to share what I have learned and am still learning from everyday life.  To be healthier.

My last few years have been physically challenging for me as I have had so many surgeries and  had to adjust to the consequences of them.  The afterlife of learning to live without normal body functions, etc.  It's an adjustment.

My main focus has been my eating habits after coming off  colonoscopy.  So many changes in the way my body handles food and which ones I can eat and which ones I have to skip.  I find that eating out is a terrible experience for me for the most part.  The menus are filled with unhealthy food and so I try to find the least damaging to my system and how it works now.

And so to keep this somewhat short, I would like to share some of the healthy food choices I've discovered and find so delicious.

When it comes to smoothies, I love them, but it seems I never have what it takes to make them.  If I buy fresh fruit it sometimes sits and spoils before I use it and the same with vegetables.  For the most part I buy all frozen now as I can just heat them up or throw them in my Vita Mix.

Here is one I made the other morning.  I had not gotten up till 10:30 am and was like "Wow!"  There was so much I wanted to do this day and half of it was already gone.  I wanted to deep clean my bathroom. wiping down everything in site and I knew by the time I got showered, dressed and made my bed, dishes etc. it was going to be a job.  I needed to eat before I started so I made my usual morning breakfast which I literally need to do.  I normally make oatmeal by using 1/4 cup oatmeal and then I add dried cherries, dried cranberries, walnuts or almonds, flax seeds (tbls) and cinnamon.  But as I was making it I was thinking about the time I was eating up and would have to sit and eat it, and then I decided to throw it in my Vita Mix with a cup or  more of Almond Milk. ( I no longer drink regular milk, unless it's lactose free).  It was a warm drink but very tasty.  I think it would be a better drink if it was ice cold.  It would be a great breakfast drink to have on the way to work and be healthy and hold you till lunch.  I don't add sugar because the cranberries and cherries add sweetness to it, but one could add honey if they needed that extra sweetness.

Hope you will give it a try.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I will do that next time.

This is my idea for 2017.  Leave the old behind, find new ways to solve food problems that are healthy for anyone, not just me and share them with you.

Here is my list of ingredients for  my smoothie.

1/4 cup oatmeal, reg or instant, no matter
handful of cranberries or cherries or both.  ( any fruit you like would work)
handful of almonds or walnuts chopped
1 tsp of flax seed (optional)
Almond milk

Hope if you are looking for things like this you will give it a try and let me know what you think.

Here's to a healthy, happy New Year for everyone.


  1. Much more interesting to hear your thoughts here, Peggy, instead of on FB. Thanks for posting.




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