Thursday, January 22, 2009

Self Portrait

In an attempt to learn about how to paint like some of the artists I see on blogs, I purchased an Inspiration & Techniques book called "Mixed Media Self-Portraits" by Cate Coulacos Prato. After reading it, I decided, that although I really don't want to do a self-portrait, I would give it a shot. Of course it looks nothing like any of the portraits in her book as they are mostly painted with symbolism, rather than reality.

For whatever happened, this is how it came out. Those who know me will hopefully see some resemblence. Ok, stop laughing. Perhaps a younger me? Now it's my turn to laugh.

Anyhow, my first attempt. Perhaps the next one will be with symbols for the person I see myself to be. I need to get the proportions down and off I go.

Feedback please, but try not to hurt too much. I CAN
take it. Dish it out.


  1. I'm going to "hit" you with my best shot here and say that this is amazing Peggy! I DO see a resemblance and I am truly in awe of what you did here! I could NEVER do this! Never! I can't draw and I certainly couldn't paint a portrait of myself! You ARE a painter. What a leap you just took my friend! I'm SO proud of you! Love, Marilyn

  2. I see what you mean abut the proportions but it really does look like you (I agree a younger version of you). I can't wait to the self portrait you create using symbolism; it should be very fun to try and read into it. XO



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