Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday was great day for me as I took a workshop with Marilyn Rock who taught us the ins and outs of using beeswax in a mixed media collage.
Here is the result of my first ever piece of this nature.
The other students also had wonderful results and for me it was more than a class. For the first time I threw away any reservations I may have had and just did it. The feeling was exhilerating and freeing. Couldn't wait to start another one and so I completed a second one as well. The post to come later. (I'm still struggling with the computer.)
The excitement lasted all day and into my thoughts while waiting to go to sleep.
However, in the am today (Sunday) I felt like I crashed and burned. I was so tired I didn't want to go to work. ( I love going to work!!) And, didn't want anything to do with my studio or this. What happened? Anybody know? I did see some good friends at work and a little interest popped up, but maybe I need to take a day or two to contemplate what really happened. I felt like I took flight and then crashed. Anyone got any ideas? Regardless, I still love my piece and will probably never give this one away.

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  1. Peggy! Your beeswax piece, here, is stunning and I got to see it in person. :) I also love the Doll-tea themed piece as well that you started at the workshop. Your presence really was important, to me, and made the difference for me to feel at ease, and inspiring me and the others at the workshop. Thank you. I think I understand what happened, to you, as you describe here. Here's my take. I had a full day on that Saturday then Sunday I had to teach, again, which I love but I was so exhausted when I got home on Sunday, I didn't and still don't want to look at a canvas for awhile. I think this is natural; and we put so much into our art, it can be very intense. I don't think we realize how much energy goes into it;whether we're creating art, teaching it, sharing with others, etc.

    We are artists but we are also human beings whose senses sometimes get on overload :) Love you! Marilyn



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