Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This isn't your usual blog post, however I was fasinated when I saw him crossing the street and I stopped the car and got the camera out quick.

When I opened the door he stopped and didn't move a muscle. I was hoping he would not go inside his shell. He let me get up pretty close.

I don't know what kind of turtle he is, but he looks old and his claws look very sharp as I'm sure his teeth are too. Probably a snapping turtle. He didn't look like something I wanted to test so I just took his picture and left him alone.

He wasn't squished on the street when I came home so I trust he found his way into the waterway nearby. That's where he was headed. I'm still fascinated as I haven't seen one in years.


  1. ooh very neat. my mom and dad found one like this behind their shed when they were cleaning up the yard a few weeks ago. Their mouths and claws do look sharp! good picture!

  2. Very cool shot! It pays to have the camera all the time. I do think this is a snapping turtle - neat! Thanks for sharing. Love him. xxoo

  3. I love turtles. They are so prehistoric. He looks like he's been on earth for decades, so he's obviously managed his way across the street before!!!



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