Friday, June 19, 2009

Here is my second side of my camp. All the things we did as kids I tried to put in there. I think I could have kept going, but ran out of room. We played cards, like go fish, slap jack etc. My grandmother would give us doilies and we would color them and also play connect the dots and hangman. We would always find a bat in our camp at least once during the summer, but the bat also has other ties to me. Even in the rain we had fun indoors.

Of course most of the time we were swimming or boating or water skiing. No matter what the weather, it was my favorite place to be. My dream is to someday have another place on the water somewhere, and Gary and I are trying to make that happen.


  1. very fun, it seems like we have similar wonderful memories of summer camp houses! i love yours! i don't want to give up mine either.

  2. I would have a difficult time parting with any of these. House & home are among my favorite icons and these are just wonderful Peggy.



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