Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have been collecting beads since I was a child. When I played with my grandmother's buttons, I would also find beads in the tin and she would give them to me. When my grandmother taught me to sew she gave me her button box and the rest is history. Since I am 62 years old and been collecting all my life, I have literally thousands of buttons. Beads too. I thought I would make jewelry but not too many things I have made ever held up even though I thought I was buying good gold plated findings. They are often too weak and open easily.
I decided to take a beginning course in beading and learned how to use crimp beads. It couldn't be easier and I can't believe I couldn't figure this out myself, but after 5 minutes in class I had the trick down and so I made this necklace and have since fixed a vintage necklace I had that was broken and am on my way to fixing many more that I have found in thrift stores over the years.
This may very well be a Christmas gift for someone. I know it will hold up and I am quite pleased with the look of it, even though it is rather traditional.

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