Monday, January 4, 2010

Gary - 5/20/1947 - 12/28/2009

Here is a collection of pictures showing the love of our family during our 23 years together. It is evident I think how much Gary loved children and all that life has to offer.

There are lessons in life if we let them come to us through loss. When there is an empty space it makes room for this lesson to come through. If only we pay attention. We may not know what that lesson is right away, but suptly it will appear and I believe that it is part of a direction that leads us on to greater joy. I have had much joy with Gary and he speaks to me in spirit already.

I hope you can get a glimpse of one terrific guy, and can see the love shared by his family and I.


  1. Peggy; this definitely shows us the zest for life that Gary had with you and his family as well as the things he enjoyed doing. This is a very moving, meaningful, and beautiful slide! Thank you for sharing! Love ya - Marilyn xxoo

  2. What a beautiful look at a man (and woman)who recognized what was important in life - love, family, friends, joy - thank you again for sharing, Peggy. Loved the music too. Perfect.

  3. I watched every second with tears in my eyes as if he had been apart of my life too! What a beautiful glimpse into the life of an obviously amazing man--and into your life too. Thanks for putting it out there! Love you!

  4. I am so sorry I did not get to meet your Gary. He sounds so much like my Ken, a mild, loving man, who loves life and his family. You say Gary speaks to you in spirit already. Almost two years ago our granddaughter was born into heaven. Many people think this strange, but Amanda, too, often speaks to me in spirit. So, I know when the day comes that Ken and I are physically separated, we will always speak in spirit. Peggy, you are an exceptional woman who is loved by an exceptional man. I look forward to meeting you, as Gary and Ken had planned.
    Barbara Hines



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