Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back when my Gary passed away, my friend Kerri Possen Stabile offered to help me get back into my art and I welcomed the gift she was offering but was not ready to embark on it then. Every time I saw her I was reminded that this offer still stood and when I finally felt like I wanted to abandon the sadness and tackle something new, we set a date to play together at her house. This is the result of my play time with Kerri. Those of you who know Kerri will recognize the resemblance as I basically copied her and yet our paintings are really very different. I used her colors that I would probably never have chosen and yet I love now that it's done. I know when she gets her camara fixed or a new one she will post hers as well. Of course mine is not as well done as hers, as she has the experience, but I am thrilled that we did this.

Most of all, I feel blessed, because she gave of herself and her time. Those are gifts that are treasured the most and will remain as fond memories forever. Thanks to Kerri and all my art friends for also giving me the courage to move forward and step into a future of uncertainty with courage.
You can see Kerri's Blog at:


  1. Peggy! I am bursting with pride and wanted to comment how much I love your paintings here! They have such depth, meaning and are just amazing; I wish I could touch them. Love the little beads in them and the texture in the background;gorgeous colors and I can tell these were done with such feelings!

    They are very celebratory! Congratulations my artist friend! You are deep in my heart!
    Love ya - M

  2. Hi Peggy! I found you by way of Marilyn and your blog is beautiful. Awesome art, love it.

  3. I love all the work you've been doing. I think the neckwarmer is a neat idea. If you finish it for her I'd be interested in you posting a pic of her wearing it to see how stylish it comes out. Hope to see you tonight at LFBC!

  4. This was a big step for you and a beautiful piece!!! Bravo for you- baby steps will make it get easier!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such kind words!!
    Best Regards!

    Youa re certainly a star if Marilyn holds you in such hig regard!!! :) Marilyn is a star!!

  5. Peggy, what a beautiful, heartfelt collage...I love it! How dear are art friends? They just seem to know what you need.
    Love the idea of the cowl for your friend too. Look forward to seeing how you go with it. We are coming into winter so I am about the get the knitting needles out too.

    Jacky xo



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