Monday, May 3, 2010


The one thing that is constant is change.  This particular photo is my Spring version of this particular path.  I'm taking photos of this path during each of the seasons, of which I now have Winter and spring.  Spring has always been my favorite season because for me it symbolizes the beginning of new life.  As my friends all know, I am beginning a new life after the loss of my life partner, and it is the most difficult of paths, I think, because of my age.  This is the 5th time I have started my life over and so I should be used to change and beginnings, but they are never easy.  Always so much to consider.             

Today I just had to "change" my blog header because I couldn't get the old one back to where it once was and it was cut off in all the wrong places.  So, today after a big shower I decided to do my lilacs as they are in full bloom and adding wonderful fragrance to the front of my home.  I am hoping that my life will blossom as I travel an unknown path.  My instincts are telling me to just follow my muse and do what I love and it will take me to where I will be happiest.  And that is what I am doing, however cautiously, as I feel very fragile and don't want to incur any more emotional pain till I heal from my grief.

I am following many blogs out there and I want all of you to know that you bring life, energy and hope to me as I determine what to do next.  Thank you all for that.


  1. I know we don't know each other very well "in person" but I feel touched by you through your art and your blog entries and our connection through mutual friends and artists. You mean so much to me, I can't even express the comfort and joy it brings to know you follow my blog and are there to encourage me in my life's endeavors. I hope to be as equally supportive of yours. With sincerest gratitude and love, Tabitha

  2. Peggy! A wonderful photo with a heart-felt post. You are right; change is just about the only thing that we can depend on in this life. Some changes are more challenging than others. I hope I can always remain part of your life and will be with you for all the changes that are occurring in your life and mine. I like to think of it as our journey together. You are loved my friend. PS I just revised my blog posting :) Sorry about that! Love ya - M

  3. Forgot to say how much I love your Blog header! What a memory I have right? :)

  4. Your wisdom speaks to me Peggy. I feel so fortunate to know you and to be able to travel some of this journey with you. FYI - I am taking Friday off to add final touches to some art pieces for the opening night at the Albany Art Room. If you're available to stop by for lunch or if you want to bring over some art to work on, I'll be around.



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