Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone. Since I am alone I was invited to my daughter's for brunch and she has a friend coming who just had surgery yesterday, so I made these little "Easter gift boxes" that I filled with some peat pot discs and some packages of flower seeds. I saw these in a magazine called La Vie Claire which I just love but only comes out 4 times a year and then if I don't see it right away it sells out and I can't find. Anyway, I copied these. They are called BloemBox and were invented by Laura Quatrochi. I just loved them and decided to give it a go.
These are so versitile as you could put some sachet's inside or soaps and match the flowers on top with the scent inside. Imagine the different colors you could make these in and they are such a nice hostess gift and not expensive to make. Time consuming as I had to put on about 5 coats of paint before it covered. Even with Gesso as a base. Then I had to varnish them to give them a satin sheen.
After brunch with one daugher I will go to my other daughter's for dinner. There I also will give a couple of these away. I am delighted with these and can think of many occassions to use them. Perhaps they will inspire you as well.
Hope you all enjoy your holiday.


  1. Well; they have certainly inspired me Peggy! Beautiful; lots of work but worth it!

    Thinking of it August yet?

    xxoo Marilyn

  2. I love how bright and cheerful they all are. Up to now, I have resisted the craft store sales on silk flowers, even though they always catch my eye... but now I may have to add one more item to the roomful of "stuff!!

  3. nice job! what a beautiful "pop" of color to add to any space!

  4. What a great gift idea Peggy... love those spring colours too! I like the idea of the seed packs etc. So many ideas, you could pop in some gardening gloves (with lovely fabric attached from your stash), a colourful trowel or many ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jacky xox



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