Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here is my painting to put at 5 Rivers Environmental Center.  I changed it a little from Vertical to Horizontal and obviously added the  mountains and lake and dock etc. 

My searching for a style of work keeps me trying different things.  From Collage, to watercolor to Acrylic.  I am not sure yet which medium I like best, but will dabble and hopefully find a style that incorporates some or all of those elements and be strickly mine.  A journey we all seem to be on.  This particular painting is acrylic with some mediums for texture on the tree.  The rest is pretty much just paint.  I still have some minor touch ups to make it better, but it is mostly done.  My own inner critic says it is amateur and it is but I like it anyways for the message it delivers.

Hope you are all enjoying your art journey.


  1. Peggy! This is beautiful; it's a very emotional piece filled with feelings and quite tender. Love your details and give that inner critic a kick! You've arrived my friend! xxoo

  2. HI Peggy, your painting is amazing. i love this piece.

  3. I love it. It reminds me of lazy days by the lake up at my grandma's camp in the summertime when I was little.



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