Monday, June 21, 2010

A good friend of mine sent me a video of a group of spontaneous painters in a room with a guide.  This video was very inspiring and I decided to take the time to just try it.  I laid out all my color acrylic paints.  Liquid in bottle with a large piece of paper from a large sketch pad and my grandaughter Kyra did the same.  She was at one end of the table and I at the other.  We did this together and really had a fun time with it.  She is 13 but loves to come to my house and do "art".

This  painting was what happened because I did not think about what to put on the paper or where the painting was going but just putting paint in whatever color  my gut told me and wherever.   Trying not to control the outcome at all.  And here it is.  I can tell that my grandaughter's painting took thought as she stragetically put items in the painting and was trying to make a statement.   

And so, now that I look back at it I get the feeling that it is a rebirth or life growing and getting ready to bloom, but not quite there yet.  I hope that is the case, as I am looking for something really cool to come into my life to fill this void.  And so, would you bloggers please give me your impression of what this painting says to you?  I can take criticism and welcome it.

Hope you all are enjoying our summer season and being creative either outside your homes or inside your studios.


  1. This painting, of yours Peggy, brings hope to my mind with the bright colors and patterns. It also says reaching out and upward! I'm so glad you did this; it's expressive art at its best! Your grand daughter's is wonderful! xxoo

  2. What a fun piece, Peggy! I'm always dazzled by the things that come from creative minds such as yours. This picture has my kind of style and my kind of colors -- it would make a great art quilt!


  3. Sorry Peggy, but no criticism here! Before I even read the post that accompanied it, I thought this piece just burst forth with vibrancy and life. It looks as though you are welcoming all of life with outstretched arms. It was great to see you yesterday!!



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