Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Path

For anyone who visits my blog you have noticed absolutely no posts in quite some time and I must admit, I have been away from my art for quite a while.  I am coming back and have a few things in the works but nothing to show for it as yet.  This seems to be my fall path, that I go where my heart tells me and it has been taking me in another direction entirely. 

Of course with the fall comes all the outside work to be done before winter hits.  Then, I have made an assessment of my finances and decided I needed to take a part time job to make some extra money for Christmas and to get some repairs made to the house.  Without Gary here it all lands in my box of "to do".
And so I began working two weeks ago as an aide on school buses with "special needs kids".  It's a relatively easy job to do as you are just riding and making sure they get to school without a health crisis and are safe.

My new schedule means I have to get up at 4:30 am and have to go to bed by 8:30.  Although I have some free time in betwen morning and afternoon I find myself doing the household work and not doing art.  At night I am just too tired to "get into" the art, but do still knit and do have some things I'll be posting soon.

Meanwhile, I am still following my favorite blogs at night and am loving what you are all doing.    It gives me hope as I know a lot of you are out there working too.  Come January I will be going to part time or working as a substitute aide and then I will free up more time to get back to the art.

Hope you are enjoying your journeys as they are truly inspirational to me.


  1. I hope you will be able to get alittle art in sometime as it's so good for the soul.....
    but daily life can certainly demand it share of time.......

  2. Great post Peggy! We all reach a time where we have to prioritize our day, our weeks and our lives. Change brings this on and you've already begun taking charge. Looking forward to seeing you soon :) xxoo



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