Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello Bloggers,

Today I was making good on a birthday gift I needed a week or so ago.  It is late, but hopefully well liked by my recipient.

The wood bark was a piece I found while hiking with my friend Marilyn Rock last summer at Wiawaka Retreat on Lake George.  She also found one and we decided we were going to use it in a piece of art someday.  Well today was the day although I had thought about how to use it for some time.

I needed to secure it because the openwork was fragile and felt like it was going to pull apart so I glued it to a piece of art paper that resembled the water in Lake George.  Then I mounted the paper onto a blue felted piece and cut around it to maintain the organic shape.  I varnished the wood also and spritzed it with Tattered Angles Glacier Mist giving it some shine and sheen.  Then I embellished it with things we saw while at the retreat and since we took a wet felting class while there I wet felted the little nest the bird is sitting in.  I thought about hanging some beads or trinkets from the bottom but then changed my mind and decided it might look funny and that keeping it simple seemed like the best idea of all.

Hope she likes it and hope you all have a chance to do art too.


  1. Like it???? OMG!!!! Peggy - I love it - I adore it! It's not only textural and wonderful but so meaningful for our time at Wiawaka! You are amazing and I can't wait to see this, in person, and to touch it! It's gorgeous! Thank you SO much; wow! I'm overwhelmed! See you very soon...........Love ya - Marilyn xxoo PS I'm SO fortunate to have YOU in my life!

  2. Peggy, I just love your work. You are so gifted. I wish I was able to see through your eyes and be so creative. Look at the memory you brought into being with a piece of bark. Just beautiful.



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