Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well today the schools were closed which gave me a "free to do whatever" day and I decided to get my January Tag done for a swap.  It needed to be in the mail so I was last minute putting it together.  The second one is for February.   The photo does not show up well here.  It was actually a stamp I used and then hand colored.  the pattern on the paper was holographic and changed colors as the tag moves so it is rather interesting in person.  I hope whoever receives it will like it.

I also had to prepare some zentangle inchies for a swap and class tomorrow night so here they are:
It was one bigger one I cut up to make the four.  I'm not sure how we will use these, but I like doing the zentangles anyway.  I probably should call them tangles as I understand "zentangle" might be a copyrighted item.  I don't understand all that stuff, so if someone can explain it to me, please do.  Also, I have not gotten to the point of shading my tangles but I am going to take a class and learn some basic stuff to improve them.

And, while I'm at it, I'll show another tangle I did.  It's a little lopsided on the tile (3 X 3" square) but I like it anyway.

Wishing you all an artful fun day.


  1. Peggy! It does my heart good to see you creating like this again! Love it! Your tags are awesome and your are "Zenning" beautifully my friend! I also ADORE your blog header! Love ya xxoo

  2. Peggy, I love your work! And your snowman is too wonderful. We have to get together as soon as the snow stops falling. I can't wait to meet you. Have a great day,
    Barb Hines

  3. Everyone is tangling these days. I love your new blog header. I particularly love the roses above his head. Like standing below the mistletoe to wait for a kiss. Thank you for your note on my blog. You have a way with expressing yourself that touches my heart, Peggy.

  4. Hi Peggy! Your snowman with the roses on your blog header is wonderful! What a great photo. And I am fascinated by your "tangles"...I read about them after you mentioned them awhile back. Complex! In a good way....
    I look forward to learning more as you continue with the art.



  5. I love all of these, the tags are so beautiful and your zentangles are stunning
    I also just wanted to let you know i have a shabby chic freebie collage sheet for today only then it will be gone. please pop by if you would like it.
    Have a lovely day
    Hugs June x

  6. Peggy, I'm so glad you are creating again. I know it's been tough. I think your tags are beautiful, and the snowpeople from the vintage bottles are so cool. That was so nice of you to paint the Christmas tree for the elderly gentleman. You have such a big heart. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today. Thanks for coming back to my blog time and time again. I really appreciate your loyalty and all your comments. I hope 2011 is an incredible year for you. Love, Wyanne



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