Monday, February 28, 2011

My first Entrelac pattern

As I continue to knit I seem to want to do more and more of it.  I used to knit maybe 2 items a year and now I am finding I constantly want to sit and knit and work on something,  This is a small bag for a cell phone or ipod or whatever.  That would give you the idea of size.  It was the first time I ever attempted to do the "Entrelac" pattern which always intimidated me before.  I had a little help from Barbara at Beau Knits in Cohoes as she taught me how to knit backwards on HER piece whe was working on.  i was a little nervous about messing the whole thing up and it was a big piece.  She actually walked away with me knitting on it.
That is confidence.  Hers, not mine.  Anyway, I didn't mess it up and I learned something new and I found her shop a nice place to go and gather with other knitters sitting and chatting for awhile.  I also had the most amazing blueberry butter pound coffee cake.  A recipe of one of her patrons.  she shared the cake, but not the family recipe.  Where can I get more?!!!

When I got home, I started this project and I ended up going on line and found several videos showing you how to do this pattern.  You can work right along with the video if you are inclined to try this pattern.  It was very helpful without Barbara there to get me started.  If you are a knitter, you should not be intimidated and give it a try.  I'm quite happy with my little bag and proud too.

Next up will be a pair baby UGG Boots for babies.  I don't even have anyone in mind but saw the pattern and "had" to make them.  It will be a couple of days, but do come back to see them.  They are just adorable.

Spring is coming and so are the many pretty colors of yarn and projects.


  1. Your cell phone bag is beautiful and I love the colors you chose...........and your first try......I too have wanted to try the entrelac pattern but haven't had the maybe I will....

    I too love knitting....I usually knit sometime everyday...usually at night.....
    A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to knit a landscape so I started one using a picture a friend painted for me (using it loosly)....I am about two thirds of the way through and it's OK but I will reserve my vote until I am finished.....I think it would have gone much better if I had made a chart but oh no not me...I am just winging it....I'll let you know how it turns out.....

    I can't wait to see the baby UGG boots.....


  2. Alright Peggy! This is lovely and great job on the cell phone bag. I'm thinking you're find the knitting relaxing - that's wonderful! Will be in touch soon! Very busy week here. Love ya - Marilyn xxoo



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