Friday, February 25, 2011

This is a five piece place setting of some silverplated silverware I purchased at an auction lately.  Tonight I have posted several pictures from this auction.   I have not been able to identify this pattern yet, but am working on it.   For $5.00 I was able to purchase a complete five piece place setting for 6 people and a few extra pieces.  Also, were 7 butter knives of a different pattern and several serving pieces of different patterns all together.  It was amazing.  The downside (if there is one) was the polishing.  I was anticipating a lot of worn off silver on the back of the spoons but it has not been the case.  The whole set is is great condition.
I find if I use it all the time instead of stainless that it does not get tarnished very quickly.  It's much easier to keep up with too but you cannot mix it with stainless or it will pit and spot the silver. 

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